You Still Have Time to Influence the Outcome of the 2014 Election

You Still Have Time to Influence the Outcome of the 2014 Election

OK, so you’ve researched the candidates and figured out which ones are the best for working families. And you’ve either voted early or made a plan to vote. But you just don’t feel like you’ve done enough to make sure that Tuesday’s election doesn’t turn into a nightmare scenario where Republicans shut down the government or take away workers’ rights. What can you do?

Luckily, you still can make a big difference this election. It’s as easy as picking up the phone and making sure as many of your friends and neighbors show up to vote as possible. Nothing gets people to the polls like a reminder from someone they know that the election is important, and making calls is easy with our Friends and Neighbors tool.

Start making calls now and help make sure that election night is a good night for working families!

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Video Game Retailer GameStop Joins Movement to Boycott Black Thursday: Punching In

Colleges’ shift on four-year scholarships reflects players’ growing power

“These scholarship terms are about power and control, and what schools are willing to give up.”

Running on progressive values paying dividends for both parties in midterm campaign’s final days

Working America’s Matt Morrison: “[Mark Begich] gets that running on expanding Social Security has real value to his constituents. Being for something matters, giving people a clear choice when they’re voting.”

Video game retailer GameStop joins growing movement boycotting Black Thursday

“At GameStop we often use the phrase ‘protect the family’ in reference to our business. A large part of what that means to us is to not open any of our GameStop, SimplyMac, Spring Mobile or Cricket Wireless U.S. locations on Thanksgiving Day out of respect for our store associates and their families and friends.

Time Magazine cover was a “sucker punch to all teachers” says AFT President Weingarten

Randi Weingarten went on Morning Joe to talk about Time’s hit job on professional educators.

It’s A Referendum Alright…But Not On Obama: Punching In

It’s the ultraconservative state agenda, not Obama, that voters will consider on Tuesday

“You cannot shrink the size and scope of government to a point where you starve your public school system. We don’t want to become Kansas.”

After long legal drama, minimum wage increase will stay on Arkansas ballot

An effort to deprive voters of the chance to raise the wage was finally killed by the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Working Alaska’s ground game featured on public radio

“What we’re doing I believe when we come to folks’ doors with somebody who really cares, like myself is we’re cutting through a lot of that red tape, a lot of that misinformation that’s Spewed on radio, spewed on television, spewed blatantly on the Internet.”

Why 5.9 million voting-age Americans won’t be able to vote on Tuesday

Nearly 6 million people, many of them African-American, have been disenfranchised due to felony convictions.


While Christie Was Making Ebola Headlines, NJ Advanced A Statewide Paid Leave Law: Punching In

Scott Brown gets support of by deceased politician in New Hampshire

Newspaper runs anti-Jeanne Shaheen opinion piece from Marshall Cobleigh, who passed away in 2009.

Alaska Federation of Natives formally endorse Mark Begich is tight Senate race

The group, which rarely makes political endorsements, highlighted Senator Begich’s extensive travel in rural Alaska.

How ‘flexible’ schedules have become a trap for working parents

Not knowing your schedule ahead of time is the “new normal” in retail and service sectors.

Statewide paid sick days law advances in New Jersey

In the midst of Gov. Christie’s ebola theatrics, an Assembly committee passed a sick leave ordinance 6-3.

50,000 Voter Registrations in Georgia Disappeared, Secretary of State Not Giving Answers: Punching In

The 11 lies of Mitch “Myth” McConnell

In his reelection bid, the Kentucky Senator has stretched the truth on everything from coal to Kynect.

The 9 closest races for governor

Vox gives the rundown on the nation’s top bids for state executive, from Kansas to Massachusetts.

Nearly 50,000 voter registrations have vanished in Georgia

“We asked the Secretary of State to meet with us. We wanted to understand if we were doing something wrong, or if there was another database we didn’t have access to. But he refused to meet with us.”

Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski increasingly vocal on need to raise the minimum wage

“It is a joke that people have to work three jobs just to barely get by. This shouldn’t be what this country stands for.”

Time Magazine Attacks Teachers

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 5.59.53 PM

The cover of Time magazine’s forthcoming Nov. 3 issue shows a pretty significant misunderstanding of an important issue when it attacks teachers, blaming them for the problems in America’s schools. The cover is featured already on Time’s website, and soon it will be in every supermarket checkout line and newsstand in the country. AFT is calling the magazine to task for the cover and has launched a petition demanding that Time apologize for the cover.

AFT notes that the cover doesn’t reflect the content of the issue, which presents a more balanced view of the issue, and instead represents the agenda of wealthy interests who want to take due process away from teachers. Millions of Americans will not read the more even-handed coverage inside the magazine and will be misled by the cover.

AFT President Randi Weingarten described her response to the cover:

When I saw this today, I felt sick. This Time cover isn’t trying to foster a serious dialogue about solutions our schools need—it’s intentionally creating controversy to sell more copies….

The millionaires and billionaires sponsoring these attacks on teacher tenure claim they want to get great teachers into the schools that serve high-need kids. It’s a noble goal, but stripping teachers of their protections won’t help.

In fact, this blame-and-shame approach only leads to low morale and high turnover, making it even harder to get great teachers into classrooms. Just today, constitutional scholar Erwin Chemerinskywrote a fact-based argument that tenure protections help recruit and retain high-quality teachers! In fact, there is a strong correlation between states with strong teacher tenure and high student performance.

Sign the petition and tell Time that we need a real debate on issues surrounding education and that they should apologize for using sensationalism to sell magazines.  That’s what our students, and teachers, deserve.

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While Midterm Campaigns Rage, 1,000 Texas Technicians Vote Union: Punching In

The Teamsters of the 21st century: how Uber, Lyft, and Facebook drivers are organizing

Welcome to unionization in the digital economy.

Rick Scott on how high the minimum wage should be: “How should I know?”

Governor Scott is still locked in a tie with former Governor Charlie Crist.

Analysis: Midterm election will cost nearly $4 billion

The 2014 election will be the nation’s most expensive midterm ever, according to a new projection by the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics.

Army depot workers in Texas vote to unionize

1,000 technicians at the Red River Army Depot near Texakarna have voted to join the Machinists.

Mark Schauer Will Fight for All Michiganders

In Michigan, voters have a clear choice in the governor’s race. Mark Schauer, who will fight for all Michiganders, not just the well-connected, or Rick Snyder, whose handouts to corporations and the super-rich have forced Michigan’s working families to foot the bill.

Read six reasons why Mark Schauer is a champion for Michigan working families. BTW, Mark is a member of Laborers (LIUNA) Local 3555.

See five reasons why Snyder is one of the worst candidates for working families in this election.

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Pennsylvania Senators Try to Sneak Attack on Workers Into Allergy Medicine Bill: Punching In

Pennsylvania Republicans try to sneak attack on workers into allergy medicine bill

Luckily, a bipartisan group of 28 State Senators blocked “paycheck deception” bill from moving forward.

Ebola galvanizes workers to stand up for safe workplaces, labor rights

From nurses to airplane cleaners, Ebola is putting safety in the forefront of everyone’s minds.

How Walmart drove Cantare Davunt to shut down Park Avenue: “My day-to-day life would shock you”

“One week, after I paid rent, I only had $6 leftover for groceries and bills. That is no way to live. Now, I’m looking for a third roommate in my small two-bedroom apartment to try to stretch paychecks.”

This headline is at the same time  hilarious, sad, and accurate



“Chris Christie and Rand Paul want to reassure voters ‘who view the Republican Party through the lens of its anti-civil-rights past.’ Actually, the Republican Party’s past record on civil rights is not so bad. It’s the present that is the problem.”

Worried About Retirement? Beware of Joni Ernst

If you’re in Iowa and following the U.S. Senate race, you may have heard about Senate candidate Joni Ernst’s thoughts on Social Security…and they’re pretty alarming.

If you’re in Iowa and following the U.S. Senate race, you may have heard about Senate candidate Joni Ernst’s thoughts on Social Security…and they’re pretty alarming.

In case you haven’t, Ernst has said she’s talked about privatizing Social Security and putting that lifeline at risk. Listen to more info on Ernst:

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