Frustrated teacher can’t find work

by Renee Chandel — Maine

A woman I talked to was preoccupied with preparing to bring home a new cat, however, she gave me her whole attention when I told her I was fighting to keep good jobs from leaving Maine. She nodded as she looked over the issues we fight for, telling me that she’s “in education.” I asked her if she’s a teacher, she told me she’s been looking for work for over a year now. “I’ll take anything,” she said, “Secretary, retail, anything. I’m certified to teach Special Education.” “That must be frustrating,” I said, “To spend all that time and money studying in college and then not to have work available.” She told me that her doctor told her she would never get through college, needing to have surgery every other week, but she did it, earned her degree in five years. She still has surgery every other week and she pays $400 per month for regular health care, which doesn’t include dental, optical, etc.

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Jean Tome on health care

Jean Tome, Working America member in Ohio, tells her story about health care at an AFL-CIO event. Click below to see her statement.

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That’s what I’m supposed to do, right?

by Marvenus Daniels — Ohio

I was out in Newark, Ohio signing up members. While knocking on my call-backs to find the folks who hadn’t been home earlier in the day, I came across an older gentleman. As soon as I introduced myself and Working America, he knew exactly what I was there for. “I am a member of Working America” he said. I thanked him for his past support and explained to him that we needed him to sign up again to keep up the pressure on our politicians. While he was signing I told him about the issues concerning health care in America and told him to check out our Health Care Hustle link on our website, All of a sudden he pulled out his wallet and showed me that he keeps his Working America membership card on him and asked, “That’s what I’m supposed to do, right?”

It was great to see that along with his other important items he carries around his Working America membership card.

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