Braving the dog

by Nathan Horak-Hern—Kentucky

While canvassing this past week I came to a Working America member’s house with a large yard surrounded by a chain-link fence. Sitting near the front door was a small, but unchained, dog. I love dogs, but even the smallest one can pose a major hazard to the canvasser’s efforts. After taking a moment to consider what the famous door-to-door worker Cliff Clavin would do, I decided against spouting useless trivia at the pup, and entered the gates.

I was soon rewarded for my “bravery,” as the dog was friendly and the Working America member was vitally interested in our cause. She has been an assistant at a cancer treatment center for many years. She told me she’d seen first-hand how our current governor’s “streamlining” of Medicare here in Kentucky had severely undermined people’s health care. She said she’d definitely be supporting Steve Beshear, the labor-endorsed candidate for governor, in the upcoming election, largely due to his efforts to give the poor and the elderly the assistance they need to obtain necessary health care. She even offered to volunteer if her work schedule would allow it. I thanked her for her dedication, and her dog for the hospitality, before rambling on to my next stop.

Paid for by AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education Treasury Fund.

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