She kept me pushing on

by Tamara Stanley—Ohio

It was the first day of sweat-breaking heat in Dayton, Ohio. The weather was hot in Dayton’s working class west side, but my efforts were not futile. I met a diverse group of people. Prior to my interaction, my night as a trainee was not going as planned, but the influence of my contacts, and their expressed need for change, strengthened my need to push on.

Along my journey I met a nurse who works with veterans. She refuses to leave veterans behind for a higher paying job in England. Her passion reminded me of why I was doing the job I was doing, and how important it is to press on for better health care. The next woman I met had watched me all down the street. She seemed tired as she shared her disgruntled feelings about health care, as she was a diabetic with no health insurance. My heart broke when she mentioned it. I am so proud to be a part of Working America. The TIME FOR CHANGE IS NOW! The need for change is ever present! We are the change!

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