Moved by our members, moved by our work

by Sue Burke—Ohio

I signed up a member after talking with her about health care. She told me that her son had Parkinson’s disease. She found out a friend of hers was in the same situation. They decided they would feel better if they talked about it over coffee.

We both cried. I, because I was so moved and she because she was impressed by what Working America was all about and because we care enough to do what we do everyday.

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Jumping for joy

by J Russell—Ohio

I was canvassing in Wapakeneton, Ohio, and ran in to a teacher. I gave him my rap and he was very excited that I had stopped by his doorstep. He was having trouble paying his medical bills so he became a member and he jumped up for joy as I assured him we’re joining together to fight for affordable health care, and we plan to win. Then he paid the voluntary dues and I thanked him for his support and contribution. He thanked me. I told him it was my pleasure to inform him about what’s going on in the world.

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Failing system

by Chad Rein—Missouri

A member signed up with us because she was fed up with the health care system. She was fighting cancer and was on chemotherapy. Not only was she dealing with her cancer, but was fighting a failing health care system. She was only too happy to sign up with us. I was very happy to add her as a member and get her support. I told her that it was for people like her that we go out each day and fight to improve a system that is failing the people.

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Sorry, wrong address

by D. Anthony Gildon—Missouri

knocked on a woman’s door and she invited me in. We sat and talked as she signed up as a member because of her concern about health care. She had surgery and needed medications which cost $500.00.

She had Medicare to pay for it, but her pharmacy sent it to the wrong address and has to pay $150.00 to get a replacement prescription. By the time we talked she had been without her medications for two weeks and it will be another week before she was likely to get them.

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More than art

by Tom Richmond III—Michigan

It was my second day at my second real job in my life. The day was brisk, a foreshadow of work to come. After a knock and a ring, the door was opened by a middle-aged woman. The rap went well, and I had the pleasure of an audience with her son front row. As she was flipping through my clipboard, the son handed me a folded note, saying “here, this is for you.” Inside I found a drawing of a cartoon character—hair all aflame with a teen angst look about him. I said “is this me?” All he could respond with was a smile, then he ran off. His mother noticed. She took my pen and signed up, saying “we need more people like you out here.”

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“Keep up the good work!”

by David Delanoy—Pennsylvania

While I was out canvassing, I met an older man who lost his job to outsourcing. He had tears in his eyes as he told me about the steel mill that he had loved and lost. I told him how we were fighting back and his face list up with excitement. He jumped at the chance to do anything he could to help. It made me feel good to know that I had made his day. As I left he asked to shake my hand and he told me to “keep up the good work!”

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Empty houses for blocks

by Kyle Morehead—Missouri

Last Friday as I was canvassing in Independence, Missouri I came across two blocks that were essentially empty. It seemed that house after house was in foreclosure or just empty. When we did make contact with a resident the majority were unemployed or scared of losing their jobs. The economic situation is dire. What we do is more than going door to door to talk about health care. We are witness to the current reality of American life.

Our job is to remind the folks that there are people like us that want to help. And, that justice still means something to us. We must share the passion with the folks.

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Army man left bankrupt

by Jaclyn Scudiero—Missouri

A man that I was talking to used to be in the Army. He was very supportive of what we were doing. He told me that after he got out of the Army he ended up bankrupt because he was injured during his service and couldn’t find a job that payed enough.

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Dumped by her insurance

by Chris Bowman—Missouri

One day while canvassing, I talked to a woman who informed me that she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years ago. She continued to explain that shortly after her visit to the hospital, her insurance company upped her premium to just over $1,000 a month. Prior to this diagnosis she was paying around $200 a month.

After a few months of doctor visits she was released from her policy for reasons unknown to her. Her insurance company told her she had a pre-existing condition, which she was unaware of before her diagnosis. Now she lives without health care because she spent all of her money for care after her insurance released her, and she can’t afford any insurance now. She went on to say that the daily pain brought on by her condition is horrible and there is nothing she can do about it.

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Not a real retirement

by Rick Snodgrass—Missouri

A retired man and a semi-retired woman in their late 60′s having to pay over $700 per month on insurance. With SSI and retirement pay she had to continue work as a book keeper to make ends meet.

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