Earning trust the old-fashion way

Greg Lyons—Ohio

In Lima I spoke with an elderly woman who was reluctant to join because she was distrustful of people coming to her door. I could see she wasn’t comfortable so I politely thanked her and went on my way.

Later that night I was on her street doing call backs, she saw me, called me over and became a member. She said of I were that committed I must be working on something important. I know that being polite earlier in the night had impressed her and gave me the opportunity to later sign her up as a member.


Old Mother Hubbard

Rebecca Hawkins—Ohio

The other night I met a woman on turf whose husband had been laid off from his auto manufacturing job. He has not been able to find steady work and has been working for a temp agency in a desperate attempt to support his family. The woman related to me that she often doesn’t have enough money to feed her children. I asked if she was registered to vote; she said no. She then asked for a voter registration form because she finally realized she could help to make a change by voting.

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The Reasons are Ever Present

by Joe Bonenfant—Ohio

The other day I was canvassing in Hamilton, Ohio. I came to a house on the corner of two main streets on my turf. 2 small children were playing in the front yard. I asked to speak with one of their parents. An older woman came out to speak with me. I gave her my rap and I noticed she didn’t have any hair. When I asked which issue was most important I knew she was going to say health care.

She explained to me how she was in the middle of chemotherapy. There were better procedures to treat her breast cancer but the insurance company said they were “experimental.” I told her to stay strong and wished her and her children a blessed evening. This story was so important because when I was only three, the same thing happened to my mom. She suffered through chemo and as a result, early menopause. This put a tremendous strain on our family dynamic. I was reminded of myself in her two children. People like this, who are going through hard times but can still help their fellow man, are the reason I love this job so much.

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He totally gets it !!!!

by Ebony Taylor—Pennsylvania

We were in Shaler, PA and he was my first contact of the evening. I started out telling him my name and when I told him that I was from Working America a really big smile came across his face. He said that he received phone calls from Working America that informed him about Melissa Hart’s voting record. He also talked about voting for her in the past, and not knowing that she was not for issues that concern working people. He said, “we kicked her butt, I loved it and I love Working America!” He was just as excited about renewing his membership, which he displayed by quickly pulling out the money from his pocket and informing me that he did not need a receipt. I think he said “I love Working America” three times before our conversation ended.


Met My Match

by Angel Gober—Pennsylvania

I knocked on a door three times. No answer. I left to go to the next house when I heard people at the first home getting their mail. Naturally, I went back and I apologized for not giving them enough time to answer the door, and I proceeded into my rap. This man told me, “I’m a registered Conservative Republican!”.

I said, “Ok, that’s great. Well, I’m a registered Democrat, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t agree that our economy is a disaster. That’s what Working America is about. We’re a non-profit organization fighting for working people and reiterees!”

He invited me in, and I sat down with him and his wife. We talked about how our politicians are getting rich w/our tax dollars and have free healthcare. After a few minutes, I felt that they trusted me. The wife signed down and told me that she didn’t have $5 for dues. She told me, “Before you knocked on our door, we were making a list of all of the creditors that we owe.”

She said that her husband couldn’t find work for six months, and he finally landed a job, but their wages, combined are still not enough to cover their cost of living.

I felt this woman become very insecure and vulnerable. It was amazing to know that at first they were hard-core conservative, and they turned into your everyday struggling family worrying, like so many, how they were going to survive.

I left feeling very confident that this family had a real change of heart.

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