“Best Place to Live”

by Curtis Neff—Minnesota

I was canvassing in Plymouth Minnesota last week. I was struck by how inviting and friendly Everyone was. I mentioned this to a person at the door and they mentioned Money Magazine has Plymouth as the best city in America to live. I enjoyed incredible conversations with people voting all kinds of ways. Places like Plymouth have taught me to appreciate the diversity in opinion in America. I spent more time than usual at each door because of the fascination of in in depth talks. I was able to see different viewpoints and to share some insight to a vision of an America where divisiveness fades away. I am very happy to be doing what I’m doing. The silver lining in the failures in our system lies in the ability to find ways to work together for common goals. The partisanship of the last 10, 20, or 30 years is starting to fade. Plymouth Minnesota, to me, show some proof.