Health Care Round-Up

  • Check out Sick for Profit, which takes a look at how insurance company CEOs are profiting from practices like rescission.
  • The HCAN blog takes an in-depth look at one of those CEOs featured on Sick for Profit.
  • I think Matt Yglesias is right on why it’s harder for people who want health care reform to have the passionate intensity of the screaming anti-reform mobs showing up at town halls around the country.

    Those most full of passionate intensity on the other side are basically prepared to oppose reform sight unseen. But without knowing much about what the content of “reform” is or who it is who’s backing “reform” it’s hard to know what to say about it. At the moment, progressives are simultaneously trying to impact the shape of “reform” (reasonable public option, reasonably generous subsidies and minimum benefits packages) while also trying to push for “reform” to win out against the opponents of “reform.”

  • Yet another debunking of health care reform myths, this one from Salon.