Wisconsin Roundup: Historic elections coming in July

According to a decision Friday by a Dane County judge, it is increasingly likely that July 12, 2011 will be the day that lives in infamy! Infamy for whom? That’s for the voters to decide. Let’s do a roundup:

  • It’s a date! The decision allows the General Accountability Board (GAB) to hold the recall elections of as many as eight state senators on a single date, most likely July 12, and allows them the time to confirm the validity of the tens of thousands of petition signatures. The judge rejected attempts by Democrats to hold the recalls of Dan Kapanke and Randy Hopper at an earlier date, although those were the first petitions submitted.
  • Who’s got the mojo? Both Republicans and Democrats are being targeted for recalls, but as Greg Sargent writes, the momentum, enthusiasm, and sheer numbers are on the Democrats’ side. Voters are still furious at the GOP Senators for voting for Governor Scott Walker’s bill stripping collective bargaining rights from teachers, nurses, and other public employees, and doing so in a sneaky and possibly illegal manner.
  • Number 6. Yesterday, the recall petitions were filed against GOP State Senator Rob Cowles, the sixth Republican this month. What’s more, they were able to collect 26,524 signatures in Cowles’ district – that’s 66 percent more than the number required. As this video shows, they have a pretty good attitude about it too:

  • Quid quo flow. For the Republicans, things are a bit dicier. They have successfully filed against three Democrats, but those signatures are fraught with controversy. Did volunteers trade shots of liquor for signatures? When it comes to desperate politicians, anything is possible.
  • Call it a day. No doubt some are wondering if they should just call it quits, like the folks seeking to recall Democrat Sen. Mark Miller (D-Monona). They decided to cease their effort with 268 signatures left to go because they refused to work with the Patriot Recall Coalition, a questionable organization based in Utah. In an email, Jeff Horn of the Miller recall effort told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: “We did this because we feel that the APRC is a front group for either wrecking conservative causes or for simple money making.”

We’re going to see a lot of dirty politics and money flying around between now and July 12, but there is no doubt that the uprising against anti-worker politicians in Wisconsin is unprecedented, historic, and inspiring. What do you think?