Porsches and Underwear

Did your boss ever complain about how much it costs to gas up his Porsche while you’re struggling just to pay for your commute? Or maybe she just leaves her underwear all over the office for you to stumble across? Her dirty underwear.

Well, those are the stories that earned this week’s semifinal spots in the Bad Boss contest. With just one week left to enter your story, check out the site right now and enter your own bad boss story if you think it could make you one of the last two semifinalists.

Semifinalist “Sydney Bristow” was having trouble affording the commute to work and went to her boss for help. Her boss, who makes considerably more money, tried to “sympathize,” saying:

“I know, when I take my Porsche out of storage for the summer, it’s going to cost a lot to gas it up.”

Maybe Sydney should have offered to take the Porsche off her boss’s hands if it was giving him so much trouble.

“Traumatized Tracy” shares a story that might just traumatize you as well. We’ve all heard you’re supposed to “dress for success,” but it seems that Tracy’s boss struggles with staying dressed at all.

“Is there a polite, professional way to ask your boss to put away her undies?…Every day I come into work not knowing where I will stumble across my boss’s oversized undergarments.”

Gross…and this story gets worse. If you want to read the rest, or any of our Bad Boss entries, click here to visit the site.

There is less than one week left to enter your own story. If you’ve got a story that can top these, make sure you enter right away. Three winners will get a seven-night vacation escape from their bad bosses, courtesy of Union Plus. Also, be sure to vote for your favorite stories. Your votes will choose our last two semifinalists!