AFL-CIO President Slams Democratic “Super Committee” Concessions

While working families across America struggle, Democrats on the “Super Committee” are ready to give away the store on Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid, while protecting the top one percent from new taxes. Not the Republicans, the Democrats.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka released this video to reaffirm the federation’s opposition to new safety net cuts. “These ‘Super Committee’ Democrats have put all their concessions on the table up front in the vain hope that the Republicans might reciprocate,” Trumka said, “But it doesn’t work that way. In this political climate, concessions beget more concessions – not a workable compromise.”

He’s right. Republicans on the “Super Committee” have already responded with their own plan, which follows the 30 year-old broken philosophy of cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthy while slashing the services that so many seniors, children, and low-income citizens rely on. It’s George W. Bush’s policies in different clothing. Color us shocked.

It’s tiring and frustrating to see these Democrats on the committee walking and talking like Bush and Norquist in a vain attempt to reach a compromise. You don’t need to be a history professor to know the other side is going to take as much as they can get from the Middle Class. No need to give them a running start.

We’re with Trumka: “This is the moment we need to raise our voices to let Congress know that we will not stand for dismantling the safety net or letting Wall Street and the wealthiest Americans off the hook.”

UPDATE: The Democrats’ concessions even exceed the cuts contained in the Simpson-Bowles Commission, as Firedoglake reports with this chart.

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