Clocking Out: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Edition

While Congress still bickers about how to rebuild America, the AFL-CIO is actually doing it.

The long-term unemployed still have hope.

Democratic Convention will create jobs in North Carolina – but what kind of jobs?

#RickScottFail #11: Florida is 4th in the nation for mass layoffs.

Don’t mess with RNs. Nurses and Occupy Wall Street protesters offer up a proposal to keep Wall Street in check.

Rep. James Lankford (R-OK) has an overactive imagination.

Mother Jones profiles an unexpected possible challenger to Scott Walker.

So, will Eric Cantor chicken out of this campus speech, too?

Sign that #OWS is getting under politicians’ skin: Paul Ryan wants to pretend to be a defender of the safety net.

Related: Paul Ryan is wrong about a LOT of stuff.

Banks befuddled to discover people don’t want to be charged to use their own money.

No, economic mobility is not offsetting inequality.

Foreclosure in reverse? A group of Denverites #OccupyWellsFargo.

Graphic of the day, via @MoveOn.