Governor Walker Meets the 99 Percent, Gets “Mic Checked”

Governor Scott Walker was expecting to give a standard stump speech to room of stuffy high-rollers at Chicago’s Union League Club on Thursday morning. But as he began, members of Stand Up! Chicago and the Chicago Teachers Union introduced the anti-worker governor to the human microphone “mic check” used in Occupy encampments across the country.

It is only fitting that the man who stripped collective bargaining rights from Wisconsin public workers got more than he bargained for. Unfortunately, in Illinois as well as Wisconsin, workers continue to see cuts to benefits and services while their elected leaders find new ways to give tax breaks to the wealthiest. The mic checkers reference the $100 million break to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

But workers in Wisconsin and across the country haven’t forgotten Walker’s attacks earlier this year. In 11 days, the effort to recall Scott Walker officially kicks off.

(h/t @ericming5 for the video)

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