The Voices of the 99 Percent Should Not Be Silenced

Working America members, the heart of the 99 percent, are deeply disturbed by the recent actions to silence the Occupy Wall Street protesters in Zuccotti Park and elsewhere around the country. These protestors, who have awakened the 99 percent movement, have a right to peaceably assemble, and have already inspired peaceful growth of this movement across the country. We believe that they are fighting for the same common sense values that are held by our 3 million Working America members across the country and they should not be silenced. Their voice is vital to the national dialogue, and they deserve to be heard.

Working America joins millions across the country to continue to stand in solidarity with the Occupiers in Wall Street, K Street, Oakland, Portland and elsewhere. We’ve collected thousands of letters of support from working class people across the country, who continue to encourage the Occupy protestors to stand up for the values of economic fairness and corporate accountability. We’ll be delivering these letters of support, and we demand that local law enforcement authorities in New York City and across the country allow these demonstrations to continue uninterrupted.

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