Clocking Out: Occupying the News Edition

Occupy Wall Street is Time Magazine’s top U.S. news story of the year.

Value Proposition: 30 top corporations spent more on lobbying than they paid in taxes.

Don’t look now, but the political class is nervous about Occupy Wall Street.” A look at what’s behind the GOP talking points.

“My representative was considering not voting for unemployment insurance because he thinks there are lazy people milking the system.”

Speaking of politicians disrespecting the unemployed, here’s Maine Gov. Paul LePage.

How Obama’s speech yesterday took on “you’re on your own” economics.

“Obama has finally acknowledged that the elephant in the room is crushing us.”

Another failed attempt to jump through hoops to try and disprove the fact of inequality.

Occupy Our Homes promises the 40 homes that were the focus of yesterday’s actions are just a start.

An immensely promising direction for the movement, harnessing its DIY energy to the needs of real people.”

“What changes here isn’t the solvency of the trust fund. What changes is where the money comes from.”

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