Clocking Out: Thanks for the Memories Edition

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) spitting truth over hot beats, as it were.

Relive the memories: The year in attacks on workers by Fox News and talk radio.

Chart of the day: too many people for not enough jobs.

More of 2011 in charts.

Dole and Hershey’s top ILRF’s list of worst companies to work for if you want to form a union.

Romney, Gingrich are wrong about what caused the financial cisis.

Two North Carolina congressmembers–one from each party–call for an investigation of foreclosures against vets.

Reality bites: Kardashian products made with child labor.

Another in series of small signs that Occupy Wall Street’s impact has reached Congress.

How we got here in the payroll tax fight.

We told you Walker supporters would get dirty – Wisconsin recall opponent resorts to spitting on campaign workers.

Hedge funds got inside tips on health care reform negotiations last year – and made out big.

We Are Ohio is still kicking – and giving to charity.

Another effort to recall Michigan Governor Rick Snyder will launch soon.

Why recall Gov. Snyder? He keeps doing stuff like this.

Also making a triumphant grassroots return in the new year: Florida’s Awake the State movement.

Finally, a great roundup of stories about anonymous holiday season donations.