Clocking Out: Actually Kind of Heartwarming Edition

But before we get to the heartwarming stuff…

10 Companies that Occupy Congress (via MoveOn).

That’s not envy, that’s math.”

If Indiana goes down the “right-to-work” path, it will follow in the footsteps of Oklahoma–with lower pay and no boost in jobs.

A legal victory for Occupy Wall Street.

Nicholas Kristof’s new column is another reminder to #thankateacher.

How Scott Walker has defined the GOP race for president.

U.S. factory output is up a third, but U.S. factory employment is down a third.

Sen. Jim Demint has a great suggestion for fixing the government: shutting down the government. So helpful!

Many GOP Presidential candidates couldn’t get coverage under their proposed health care plans.

A heartwarming (seriously!) tale of what it means to be a union member.

Medicaid, food stamps and school lunch programs are well-run and efficient.

We’re sick of outsourcing. How about “insourcing?”

Finally, our new favorite OWS theme song: “Occupy My Heart.” Enjoy!