Clocking Out: What Teachers Make Edition

Inspired by the Chester Upland School District to re-post this video.

Speaking of teachers: When is an A+ a failing grade? When it’s your score from the Koch brothers-funded “Americans for Prosperity.”

Good sign: more state Attorneys General may be backing away from a bad settlement deal with the big banks.

AFL-CIO President Trumka brings down the House at the United Nations (it’s a pun).

The wealthier you are, the more likelier you are to worry about deficits over than jobs. Guess which issue dominates among elite political circles?

Governing and business are different endeavors.

Occupy Atlanta saves a century-old church from eviction.

Is the notion of a public option in health care dead, or could it pass in the future?

#RickScottFail #29: Florida governor’s “State of the State” speech focuses on doughnuts.

Related: Rick Scott’s speech spurs one Florida police officer to take a stand.

Guess how many campaign finance violations Scott Walker is charged with.
(If you guessed 1,115 you are correct.)

Iowans: These are your tax dollars at work.

Probably our favorite Indiana anti-RTW letter so far.

Who is Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi working for?

Finally: Recall Fitz volunteers collect 42 signatures in a snowstorm.