More Koch Money Pours In to Prop Up Absentee Gov. Walker

What would you do with $700,000?

If you’re Charles and David Koch, the oil billionaires behind the conservative front group Americans for Prosperity (AFP), you toss it all into one television ad to support Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Walker’s connections with the super-wealthy Kansas brothers are well known. If you have any doubts, listen to Walker have a 20 minute conversation (on taxpayer time, with a government phone) with a prankster simply pretending to be David Koch. They have come to his defense time and time again – going so far as to send ballots with incorrect information to confuse voters about the date of the summer recall elections. That’s on top of their massive financial investments in walker through AFP, including hundreds of thousands of dollars in TV spots, direct mail, and online advertisements promoting Walker’s policies and allies.

The latest $700,000 investment, confirmed by AFP spokesman Levi Russell, is from the group’s nonprofit 501c3 arm – the ad promotes Walker’s policies without mentioning his name.

Even with the support of a few of the country’s richest men, Walker is still traveling around the country collecting campaign funds and raising his national profile. The Governor’s latest trip was to Naples, Florida, to speak at a $500-a-plate luncheon at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

In his travels, Scott Walker is finding that no matter where he goes, people know his name – but not in a good way. Even in 1,500 miles away in Florida, workers lined up to protest Walker’s appearance, waving “Recall Walker” and “Stop the War on Workers” signs.

Walker’s next stop will be Friday in Washington, DC, where he will speak at the notorious Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) along with other anti-worker politicians including Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. Labor groups and Occupy DC have already vowed to make an appearance.

We already knew that Walker’s policies hurt working families and elicit outrage: that’s why over a million Wisconsinites signed petitions to trigger a gubernatorial recall election, the most in American history. But the real question is what is Gov. Walker doing everywhere except Wisconsin, which has suffered six straight months of job loss?

As we’ve written, the Wisconsin recall election is not just about collective bargaining, and it isn’t about party. It’s about Wisconsin having a Governor who has been negligent and often complicit in the crisis of unemployment that continues to ravage the state.

We talk to working people in Wisconsin every day who are struggling and seeing no help from Madison. Too bad Walker is never in Wisconsin long enough to notice.

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