Clocking Out: Not A Smart ALEC Edition

Love getting mail? You should love Bernie Sanders too.

Gov. Scott Walker announces he’ll use Wisconsin’s foreclosure settlement money to cover his budget gap.

Will the Obama administration learn from past missteps on housing as it implements the new settlement?

Awesome transparency bill passes Washington house.

A hapless ALEC crony exposed.

How the housing settlement could actually make banks money.

Romney’s budget math, explained.

Related: We can always count on Mother Jones for income inequality charts that will make us mad.

Democratic candidate for Indiana governor: right to work will be “one of the major issues.”

Teacher launches long-shot “Recall Brewer” effort.

“If you don’t vote, then yes, the other side will win.”

Casino moguls shouldn’t get to choose who runs for president.

Even GOP colleagues are turning their backs on Utah Senator Mike Lee’s “obstructionist” tantrums.

Right to work update: It’s wrong for Minnesota, it’s back from the dead in New Hampshire, and it could be coming soon to Ohio.

John Van Hecke on right to work: They should call it the “Fewer Rights Act.”

Finally, big congrats to AFSCME Council 59 and their collective bargaining victory in South Dakota!