Clocking Out: Say It with Flowers and By Flowers I Mean Graphs Edition

What’s in the budget proposal the White House released today?

One proposal: a “financial crisis responsibility fee” paid by the biggest banks.

A must-read on the man behind Mitt Romney’s superPAC ads and the bigger issue of undisclosed money in politics.

An in-depth look at Americans Elect – Wall Street’s third party.

Martha Coakley may have lost a Senate race, but she’s proving to be incredibly valuable as Massachusetts’ Attorney General.

“The economy didn’t just crash under a Republican president, it crashed under Republican policies.”

Wall Street is set to spend unprecedented amounts to try and elect anti-regulation candidates in 2012.

Phil “Nation of Whiners” Gramm, architect of the deregulation policies that helped cause the financial crisis, is retiring from banking giant UBS.

How mortgage refinancing could strengthen the economy.

While we lucked out on collective bargaining in South Dakota, they have a long history of war on voting.

Pennsylvania Gov. Corbett praises veterans while cutting funds for veterans’ homes.

Maine may divert money from the mortgage-fraud settlement to cover its budget gap.

Wisconsin celebrates a year of historic activism.

Think the slide in union membership was just a natural process? Look north and think again.

A view from the ground in the Badger State: “We’re still winning.”

Best Reaction yet to Gingrich’s “Food Stamp President” claim.

Finally: 14 ways an economist says “I love you.”