Clocking Out: Especially in Michigan Edition

Did the stimulus work? Michael Linden looks at the facts and votes “Yes.”

The big banks *should* be restrained by Wall Street reform. That’s the point.

Occupy gets down into the details with a long, well-researched commentary on financial reform rules.

Michigan’s “emergency manager” law is even worse in practice than it sounds.

Speaking of Michigan: What Mitt Romney misunderstands about the auto-industry rescue.

Social safety net programs aren’t “expanding.”

Sorry, Rick Scott: Florida beats back privatization of prisons.

Also in Florida: Ethics bill dies in committee, called a “media-driven reaction to a non-problem.”

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton gets it: he calls out corporate front group ALEC as he vetoes bills they wrote.

Speaking of fighting ALEC-written state legislation, are anti-union bills in Arizona on the rocks?

Today in Milwaukee, President Obama notes a factory that’s “in-sourcing” jobs back to Wisconsin.

Finally, congratulations to Chris Johnson, Maine’s newest state Senator!

And one last belated link for your #unionvalentines list: Jenny Toomey sings “Unionbusting.”