Clocking Out: Automobile for the People Edition

Michigan auto workers react to Romney’s statements on the auto recovery.

Related: Romney is trying to attack Santorum for being – gasp – PRO-UNION.

(Meanwhile back in the real world, Santorum’s voting record wasn’t particularly pro-worker.)

Real class warfare: Congressional Republicans demand punitive measures on the poor.

The politics of the 0.0000063%: how a handful of super-rich donors are changing this election.

Related: the mortgage crisis shows us why inequality matters.

How Occupy joined the fight against private prisons.

Share the love for Minnesota’s Gov. Mark Dayton.

Out-of-state Walker supporters plan “Operation Angry Badger” to promote the union-busting bill.

Related: Primary field to take on Walker grows, with Sen. Vinehout jumping in.

Florida legislators slash pay for tipped workers.

Next phase of 99% Movement coming in April.

It’s moving the right direction, but unemployment over 8% is still far too high.

Are red states subsidizing blue states?

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