Clocking Out: I Love Lamp Edition

A new book explains how Fox News acts as a political force.

Speaker John Boehner’s dismissive comments on the payroll tax holiday reveal the way he thinks the economy works.

How Michigan’s Republican primary works.

The infamous Wisconsin voter suppression bill goes into effect today.

Sen. Lena Taylor reminds us what voter ID bills are all about.

Has the stripping of fair share rights turned Indiana into Canada’s Mexico?

The LA Times profiles AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, he of the awesome mustache and workers’ rights fights.

Related: President Trumka is now on Twitter.

The fate of the labor movement is the fate of American democracy.”

The Arizona war on workers appears to be “dissolving.”

Three labor victories worth cheering about.

Finally, our friends at AFSCME compare Mitt Romney and Steve Carrell from “Anchorman.” The results may surprise you. Or they might not.