Clocking Out: Car Wash, Working at the Car Wash Edition

Chart of the day: Running for president is getting more expensive.

Executive pay helped cause the financial crisis, an economist argues–and many fellow-economists agree.

Reminder: even as corporate profits are remarkably healthy, wages haven’t kept up.

How the Wisconsin Uprising has changed politics in the state.

Infuriating: Abuses of the foreclosure process by banks and servicers aren’t an exception. They’re routine.

Not needed, not wanted, and not welcome.” South Carolina’s Gov. Haley is the sharp edge of the attack on unions by corporations and politicians.

On the bright side, car-wash workers in California are on the frontiers of organizing.

Mitt Romney accidentally admits that slashing spending can hurt the economy.

But he still wants to radically slash Medicaid, the health care program for the most vulnerable.

Awww, poor thing. N.J. Gov. Christie is “tired of hearing about” inequality and wants people to “shut up” about it.

Case studies on a financial transaction tax.

A 69-year-old veteran falls afoul of Wisconsin’s restrictive voter ID law.

AFSCME celebrates the best Simpsons episode about labor and workers’ rights.

Finally, congratulations to Peter Sullivan, newest member of the New Hampshire state legislature.