Clocking Out: Mind the Pay Gap Edition

It’s International Women’s Day. Time to narrow the pay gap.

Oregon could get a public option for health care.

Today in “hostility to basic, intro-level functions of governing”: Senate Republicans block transportation-funding bill.

Also depressing that the only “jobs bill” the U.S. House can seem to pass is so piddly and insubstantial.

Progressive groups warn Congress against Medicare and Social Security cuts.

Ohio’s Republican gerrymandering succeeds in its intended purpose: ousting a Democrat.

The too-little, too-late mortgage settlement is the latest in a line of disappointing developments in the housing crisis.

Did Bank of America exploit homeowners using the HAMP program?

On the bright side, a change to refinance fees could help homeowners.

Odious corporate hatchet man Rick Berman pledges to dump $1 million or more into protecting Scott Walker.

Speaking of odious: on top of everything else, Rush Limbaugh is anti-union.

Finally: Move over, Jersey Shore! New reality series produced by Mark Wahlberg focuses on Boston Teamsters.