Clocking Out: I Am The Cheese Edition

Thousands in Wisconsin show that the Cheddar Revolution is alive and well.

More videos from Saturday’s Wisconsin rally here and here.

How does your state rank in terms of economic security for seniors?

The Washington Post catches on to the growing problem of student debt.

(Alternet, meanwhile covered this story in September.)

Inequality: still real.

Moderate women want presidential candidates to focus on – gasp – jobs and the economy, not contraception.

Shameless, transparent dishonesty from Mitt Romney on Medicare.

Meet Doug Connor: an emergency medic in both Iraq and Occupy Oakland.

Naturally, the corporate-backed GOP war on voting rights targets swing states.

Finally: Good looks and activism DO mix! Actor and singer Tyrese Gibson joins the AFL-CIO’s Arlene Holt Baker to talk voting rights on MSNBC.