Clocking Out: Some of My Best Clients Are Muppets Edition

Is the economy sputtering or improving? Depends on which Republican politician you ask.

Higher education, higher cost: The declining power of Pell Grants.

JP Morgan Chase under investigation over credit card collections.

Enough overworked employees–time to take the 40-hour work week seriously.

“It’s important to remember there are stakes involved in the outcome of a presidential election.”

If you’re a union supporter, a bathroom break can be a fireable offense.

Why Pennsylvania Senator Judy Schwank voted no on voter ID.

Occupy Harrisburg to voter ID supporters in legislature: “Show us your birth certificates!”

Over in Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker has a sad about his $144,423 salary.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin was one of five states that lost jobs in January 2012.

Finally, a song in honor of the Goldman-Sachs whistleblower, Greg Smith.