Clocking Out: Tropical Breeze Edition

A CEO bravely and nobly fights to get more money into politics.

Actually kind of brave: The one lonely GOP Congressman who supports a surtax on super-rich.

Mitch Daniels’ claims on “right to work” job creation debunked – by the company itself.

Related: a great explainer about these laws from Mother Jones.

Five ways Mitt Romney has pledged to roll back workers’ rights.

Elected in 2010 and looking for campaign cash to run again, 12 freshman Republican House members hang out with lobbyists at a pricey resort.

Also: Running for Senate in Ohio, but campaigning in the Bahamas? Come on.

An IMF economist notes the dangers of large-scale inequality.

And here’s two more economists pointing to inequality as a threat to our political system and our values.

Rep. Keith Ellison on voter suppression laws: “One vote denied is one too many.”

A bad airline booking experience reminds us that “many big companies find it profitable not to play fair.”

In Excelsior, Minnesota, the foreclosure issue hits home.

For St. Patrick’s Day: Ireland’s Van Morrison sings “Into the Mystic.”