Clocking Out: Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say “You’re Fired” Edition

Hat tip to Seth for the ingenious pun in the title.

This Congress is the most conservative ever recorded.

How “Undercover Boss” is a sad portrait of the post-collective-bargaining workplace.

A handy guide to the front lines in the fight over voter ID bills.

In today’s least shocking news, the sponsor of Minnesota’s voter ID bill is also the ALEC chair for the state.

Sarah Jaffe of Alternet attended Darrell Issa’s hearing on the foreclosure crisis…which featured mostly witnesses from banks and zero people who actually experienced foreclosure.
(She also live-tweeted it.)

A Florida boss lays off 14 employees…for wearing orange.

What the Affordable Care Act means for women.

What to watch for as the Supreme Court considers the landmark health care law.

Experts say the Affordable Care Act will probably be upheld.

The fight for paid sick days in New York.

Finally: How Rick Santorum sees the 2012 election.