Clocking Out: My Way or No Highways Edition

Today in “malign neglect of basic intro-to-civics-level governing” news: House Republicans put national highway funding at risk because they don’t feel like passing the bipartisan Senate bill.

#RickScottFail #34: Florida Governor declares victory for himself!

Key quote: “If you invest wisely in the state in the beginning, you’re not reduced to waving around cash as bait in the end.”

When someone breaks the law to take something from you it’s called “theft” or “fraud”–unless, apparently, what’s being taken is your house.

“The true economic legacy of the Reagan years is an uglier practice: unionbusting.”

The lost decade: entry-level workers’ wages fell since 2000.

Home care is hard, important work–so why do home-care nurses get paid like babysitters?

Tipping point: Fighting exploitation of restaurant workers.

Americans’ student loan debt has topped $1 trillion.

“When you ask Republicans whether this is realistic, the response is more or less, Hey, look over there!”

With incumbents retiring, Wisconsin and New Mexico are key among the states that will decide control of the U.S. Senate.

A very tall graph that explains a lot about Obama and Romney’s tax proposals.

Song for the day: