Clocking Out: Batcave Edition

How much more women have to pay for insurance, before and after the Affordable Care Act.

The Supreme Court’s Affordable Care Act case in flowchart form.

The benefits of the Affordable Care Act in interactive-map form.

The Medicaid issue at stake in the Supreme Court.

A live blog from today’s hearing.

The party behind the party: the Republican operatives who will spend tens of millions to buy elections this fall.

Speaking of which, no wonder there’s buyers’ remorse: states that went Republican in 2010 have lost thousands of jobs in schools, public safety and more.

The consequences of politicians’ attacks on collective bargaining.

Walmart warehouse workers, Hyatt custodial staff “coincidentally” laid off while trying to form unions.

Related: How do you build power for freelance workers?

Washington D.C. still has some idealists, and you can find them at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

But it also has some self-serving cynics.

Song for the day, in honor of Mitt Romney’s garage: