Clocking Out: Cost of Living Large Adjustment Edition

Source: via Working America on Pinterest

Mission accomplished: Restrictions on voter registration in Florida is deterring voter-registration drives.

Same story in Pennsylvania.

South Carolina Republicans want to use foreclosure-settlement funds for corporate tax breaks. Really.

“One Percent Pathologies”: An excerpt from Chris Hayes’ new book Twilight of the Elites.

The consequences of overturning the Affordable Care Act would be far-reaching and serious.

That’s especially true of today’s argument over Medicaid.

Anyone for free speech? In PA, Tom Corbett’s protest restrictions continue.

Where the money goes: ProPublica looks at the consultants and operatives being paid by the superPACs.

“Justice Democrat” Watch: 10 states have elections for Attorney General this fall.

Finally: What would you do with a 625 percent raise? Ask Bank of America’s CEO.