Clocking Out: Buy the World a Coke Edition

Our Executive Director, Karen Nussbaum, weighs in for a new series on the state of the labor movement.

Whatever comes out of tomorrow’s jobs report, Richard Trumka notes, it’s important to remember that too many are still out of work.

Hey! Congress did something!” President Obama signs the STOCK Act.

Of course, the STOCK Act would have been stronger if not for Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s refusal to pass the Senate version.

Congratulations to the concession workers at Florida’s Marlins Park, who now have a union.

Model Sara Ziff wants to expand rights for the people who work in her industry, too.

Cracks in the armor: Under pressure, Coke and Pepsi both leave ALEC.

How Mitt Romney gets away with lying to journalists.

Yes, the big banks are too big.

Public-sector job losses are a huge drag on our recovery.

Unpacking a fake statistic about taxes.

A 14-year-old boy with cancer who was able to keep his insurance and get the care he needed  is a great example of how the Affordable Care Act is already working.

Meanwhile, Rick Santorum’s experience also shows the need for ACA, but instead he demagogues it as hostile to disabled kids.

Congressional Republicans’ crusade against the Post Office.

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