Clocking In: A Thousand Chips Delicious Edition

Joining Coke and Pepsi, Kraft Foods and Intuit (maker of QuickBooks) sever ties with ALEC.

Writer Jonathan Chait not-so-gently assesses the Romney campaign’s relation to the truth.

And blogger Chris Savage not-so-gently assesses Michigan Republicans’ relation to the law.

Morning Mindboggle: Could Citizens United invalidate the Indiana fair share ban (“right to work” law)?

Minnesota Gov. Dayton issues “symbolic veto” of voter suppression law as state gears up for referendum.

Related: How the MN voter suppression law could disenfranchise military servicemembers.

Wage Discrimination Fail: Gov. Walker’s repeal of Wisconsin equal pay law is not going as unnoticed as he hoped.

Good news: An uptick in Oregon union membership bodes well for the economy.

How would you like to make $42,000 an hour? The New York Times takes on CEO pay.

Finally: Our sincere condolences to the family of Mark Ayers, president of the Building and Construction Trades Department (BCTD) and AFL-CIO Vice President.