Clocking Out: Two-Thirds-Because-We-Said-So Edition

Must-watch clip: Michigan Republicans who run the state House seem to be ignoring the constitution by fast-tracking bills.

More: “Since they don’t have a two-thirds majority, the Michigan Republicans essentially just pretend that they do.”

Corporate profits are at pre-recession levels. Jobs, not so much.

What “social Darwinism” means–and why it’s fair to use.

We should make it easier, not harder, for people to register to vote.

Florida’s voter-suppression laws are particularly troubling given that state’s history.

Buy one, get one free! Minnesota puts two restrictions on its citizens’ rights on the November ballot.

Bank CEO calls out other banks over executive pay, misbehavior that led to the financial crisis.

Focusing first on foreclosures, Occupy takes on Bank of America.

What a Senate primary in Indiana means for national politics.

Finally, once again: no, Paul Ryan is not “serious.”