Clocking Out: Long Strange Trip Edition

After a vicious campaign against them, some California truck drivers are finally getting a union vote.

Growing pressure for a higher minimum wage.

Whose recovery is it, anyway? #ThingsRichardTrumkaReadToday

Fearing public backlash, Republicans in Minnesota and elsewhere may be trimming their anti-union agenda.

Where did the mortgage task force go?

A misleading conversation about housing helps create bad housing policy.

Maryland strengthens worker privacy, preventing employers from demanding your social-networking passwords.

Oh, Scott. Before the election, Gov. Walker promised to “keep intact” school funding.

#RickScottFail #36: Florida’s governor forced to remove a fake Miami Herald headline from his Facebook feed.

A bit of good news for Colorado job seekers! (Hopefully a sentence we can write more often.)

The language for the recall petition of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has been approved.

Finally: What’s more like a zombie – the guys on The Walking Dead, or the New Hampshire “right to work” bill?