Clocking In: All You Can Eat Buffett Rule Edition

Senators will vote for the first time on the Paying a Fair Share Act (aka the “Buffett Rule”) today. Analysts expect the first vote to fail.

The Chairman of the Republican National Committee calls the Buffett Rule “a shiny object” President Obama is using to distract the country.

Why we need the Buffett Rule – in chart form.

Source: via Working America

Sen. Gillibrand (D-NY) takes on Rep. Bachmann (R-MN) on equal pay laws.

(Meanwhile, in the states…)

Florida will be facing high teen unemployment this summer.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Ohio Gerrymandering: Ohio’s new district map, how it got that way, and what Ohioans are doing to change it.

How labor unions helped Washington and Maryland win marriage equality.

One down! Colorado voter suppression bill dies in committee.

Finally, report from NELP details how green jobs can help grow local economies.