Clocking Out: Deal at the Crossroads Edition

Congratulations to Ai-Jen Poo, the organizer of the National Domestic Workers’ Alliance, for being named to the TIME 100.

Scott Walker is a “rock star”…to wealthy right-wing political donors in Oklahoma. (But not to some members of his own party.)

Karl Rove’s Crossroads groups are financing a large political operation.

Citigroup shareholders exercise their right to a “say on pay” by turning down a huge CEO pay package.

House Republicans’ proposed cuts to food stamps would devastate families–but cut less from the budget than the Buffett Rule saves.

Related: Food stamps have been very effective at alleviating poverty–but you’ll never hear about it on TV news.

Romney says he would keep the Department of Education around–as a tool to undermine teachers’ collective bargaining rights.

“Imagine if Obama talked about business the way Romney talks about labor.”

The Tea Party doesn’t own Tax Day anymore.

“I’m inclined to give a lot of the credit to Willard Mitt Romney.”

ALEC’s distress continues as Florida groups target member legislators.

Tesoro should be ashamed of this.

Audio Clip of the Day: Dave Dayen predicts how the housing crisis will play out.

And finally: when Dick Clark brought Sam Cooke to Georgia.