Clocking Out: Post-Truth Politics Edition

Chart of the Day: The Wisconsin Economy under Gov. Scott Walker.

Keep an eye on Walker’s shifting story over the investigation of his key aides.

Virginia wants to ban the use of taxpayer dollars for ALEC conferences. (Yup, it’s still legal.)

#RickScottFail #37: Speaking of good uses of taxpayer dollars, Florida’s drug-testing for state assistance has saved the state no money.

State-level advocacy is key in achieving justice for homeowners.

The CFPB is working already.

A former chair of Citigroup admits that deregulation helped cause the financial crisis.

The mortgage-misconduct “assembly line.”

Florida insurers are giving rebates this summer to people they overcharged, under a provision of the Affordable Care Act.

More on the flow of Karl Rove’s “dark money”–and how he’s using it to keep dark money dark.

The fictional reality in which Romney is campaigning.

Higher taxes for the poor, much lower for the rich: “a Romney administration’s revenue agenda would look a lot like President George W. Bush’s, just more so.”

Related: Romney is even being dishonest about some small, easily-checked stuff.

And finally: “Facts, 360 B.C.-A.D. 2012.”