Clocking Out: Oligarchy and Its Discontents Edition

Tim Noah, the author of the upcoming The Great Divergence, talks about why inequality matters.

A look at Harold Simmons, the right-wing Texas multi-millionaire who is 2012’s biggest single donor so far.

Also, a broader look at the handful of major donors looking to buy the 2012 elections.

“If one actually cares about representative democracy and the electoral process itself, then one ought to favor making it easier for citizens to vote.”

Related: Another attempt to spark up “fraud” panic to argue for voter-suppression laws falls flat.

The creepy ideology and creepier influence of the prison-privatization industry.

How Walmart covered up a bribery scandal.

Will corporations interfere with your ability to know what your rights at work are?

Related: the Senate will be voting on this issue.

New York’s new law to get tougher on wage theft.

What would Romney do after he repealed the Affordable Care Act? A hint: fewer people would have health insurance.