Clocking Out: Automated Truth Machine Edition

Source: via Working America on Pinterest

Activists transform Bank of America ATM’s into “Automated Truth Machines.”

How is Mitt Romney more right-wing than George W. Bush? Let us count the ways.

Wisconsin’s anti-union law, Act 10, hits teachers the hardest.

Another unintended consequence of Wisconsin’s union-busting Act 10.

When did Republican leaders in Congress make the decision to reject compromise entirely? Inauguration night.

How do we pay for the bill that keeps student loan interest rates low?

Why Rick Scott’s Florida is a grim preview of what a Romney-Ryan country would look like.

The May 1 action at the Golden Gate Bridge could launch Occupy 2.0.

AFL-CIO President Trumka asks: Is Walmart too big to obey the law?

What the Trayvon Martin case and large-scale financial crimes cases have in common.