Clocking In: I Hope This Font Is Big Enough Edition

Michigan Republicans use ridiculous excuse of font size to keep EFM law repeal off the ballot.

On the bright side, Michigan voters will have the chance to protect collective bargaining rights this fall.

Mad about thousands of vacant homes in South Florida? Blame the nation’s biggest banks.

Must read from the weekend: “Let’s just say it: The Republicans are the problem.”

It’s about time Apple “Think Different” and stop dodging taxes.

If Wisconsin Gov. Walker thinks his policies are working, he should check in with Green Bay public schools.

Speaking of bad governors, Paul LePage continues to insult Maine’s public employees (with both words and deeds.)

For-profit colleges are after veterans’ money, but President Obama is on the case.

They call them “job creators,” but 75 percent of jobs created by U.S.based multinationals are overseas.

A long (but worthwhile) piece on Rep. Paul Ryan’s radical agenda for America.

Finally: News out of Nebraska! ALEC loses four NE member legislators, who cite “extreme” agenda.