Clocking Out: Most Ironic Conference Call Ever Edition

RNC conference call attacks Obama on jobs – from an overseas call center.

Romney tries to tie himself to firefighters, which is funny in light of his support of Ohio’s union-busting SB5.

Must read: “What is a fire fighter worth?”

House Republicans break the debt-ceiling deal with a round of proposed cuts that would gut programs the poor depend on.

Despite right-wing media spin, these cuts would be devastating.

Citigroup shareholders balk at CEO pay.

Wall Street’s sensitivity about being blamed for the financial crisis is shaping their participation in the 2012 election.

One third of all SuperPAC donations come from just 10 donors, including 6 individuals.

This year’s election ads are 70 percent negative, 60 percent funded by outside groups and lopsidedly Republican.

Interactive map: student debt across the U.S.A.

Finally: Stephen Colbert takes on health care and hospital-room debt collectors.