Clocking Out: Extraordinary Events Edition

What should we watch for in today’s Wisconsin primary? No one knows better than John Nichols.

Mitt Romney now wants to “take a lot of credit” for the auto industry rescue he opposed.

“Even by Romney standards, this is just laughable.”

Maine Gov. Paul LePage yells at Mainers to “get off the couch and get yourself a job.”

Bank of America is showing the weakness of the mortgage settlement.

Charlotte’s city manager declares Bank of America’s shareholder meeting an “extraordinary event” to limit protests.

Without public-sector job cuts, the unemployment rate would be far lower.

Right-wing pundits consider accurate statements about Paul Ryan’s budget to be way out of bounds.

Related: Catholic bishops send a letter protesting Ryan’s devastating cuts to food stamps.

When a study told Arizona that privatizing prisons wouldn’t save money, Arizona canceled the study.

Today’s Republican filibuster of the student loan bill marks the 21st successful filibuster of a bill this Congress.

Related: Tweet of the day:

David Waldman ‏ @KagroX Total cloture motions from World War I thru end of Reagan admin: 385. Total filed since Republicans lost the Senate in 2006 elections: 359.

A conversation on how raising tax rates on the highest earners wouldn’t hurt the economy.