Clocking Out: Choose Your Own Jobs Numbers Edition

Mic check! Protesters take on a Morgan Stanley shareholder meeting.

What Romney’s budget proposals would mean.

Romney’s budget speech yesterday “resides outside of, and completely at odds with” reality.

“I don’t think Mitt Romney is stupid. I do think Romney is operating from the assumption that voters are stupid.”

Karl Rove’s dark-money group puts another $25 million into buying the 2012 elections.

5 mind-blowing facts about student debt.

Too often, a new baby means big debt for parents who don’t get paid leave.

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Scott Walker isn’t thrilled with the jobs numbers in Wisconsin. So he’s going to make up his own.

A Kansas City man is suing JP Morgan for breaking into his house and stealing his stuff. Seriously.

Graph of the day: how the filibuster has grown from a rarity to a default.