Clocking Out: Chutzpah Edition

The definition of “chutzpah”: Medicare-slasher Paul Ryan insists Obama would bring about “European-style austerity.”

With contract negotiations pending, Maine Gov. Paul LePage is still blustering on about how terrible he thinks public employees are.

“The real problem with Romney isn’t what he did at Bain. It’s what he didn’t seem to learn from it.”

Middle-class consumers are the real job creators, says a tech billionaire.

New York calls on Gov. Cuomo to fight for a minimum wage increase.

Right-wing think tanks like Michigan’s Mackinac Center are a major factor in ALEC’s anti-union efforts.

A new blog covering workplace safety.

“Next time, just light your $35 million on fire.”

Comparing presidential jobs records.

Whose taxpayer-insured money would banks gamble with then?”

Chart: how income inequality creates an education gap.