Punching In: Get Off My Plane Edition

We wish Harrison Ford was here to deal with the ALEC corporations who have taken Wisconsin hostage.

Related: Does anyone have a thinner skin than the Koch Brothers?

Also related: New documents show the political operations that got $55 million in previously-undisclosed Koch money.

Holla! Working America canvassers are featured in this awesome TNR piece on Ohio.

“There’s not one person in my department who said, ‘I want to start off as a sheriff’s deputy making eleven dollars an hour in one of the most dangerous cities in America, because that’s my path to being a millionaire.’ We don’t get into this to be rich.”

ALEC’s latest quest: pushing to limit state Attorneys General who are trying to enforce state law.

The TED Talk that the TED Conference wouldn’t show: a critique of income inequality.

Ugh. The war on voting continues in Florida as thousands are purged from voter rolls.

It’s true: the FBI is investigating Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Obama’s real opponent: the combined fortunes of a small number of big right-wing donors.

Finally: Justice for the widow of a New York firefighter who perished in the 2007 Deutsche Bank fire.

Photo by antwerpenR on Flickr, via Creative Commons