Clocking Out: Dog Bless Amercia Edition

After three years of tax breaks and bailouts, Bank of America moving support jobs to Philippines.

Again, 42 Republican U.S. Senators filibuster bill capping student loan rates.

More on Rick Scott’s Florida voter purge: it’s part of the Governor’s pattern of voter suppression.

Koch-backed group offers Illinois residents free food and transportation to those who want to support Scott Walker. #desperation

Pro-worker candidates kicked some butt in last night’s Texas primaries.

While Walker ignores the jobs crisis, Dept. of Labor funds green jobs training in Wisconsin.

Coloradans protest Wells Fargo’s tax dodging.

Only 37 percent of Michiganders approve of Gov. Rick Snyder. Does he need an emergency manager?

Awesome letter to the editor tells readers to treat service workers like human beings. #novelconcept

100,000 wealthy households paid no income tax in 2009, says IRS study.

Spending to defeat Barack Obama will top $1 billion – and that’s before the Romney campaign gets involved.

Finally: Romney campaign misspells “America” in smartphone app.