Amgen Cuts Ties with ALEC

Amgen, the California-based pharmaceutical giant, has made the decision not to renew their membership with ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Amgen is the 31st corporation to announce publicly that they are cutting ties with ALEC, the corporate-sponsored bill mill responsible for Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, Arizona’s anti-immigrant SB 1070, and attacks on workers’ and consumers’ rights across the country.

Another large medical company, Johnson & Johnson, announced it would end its ALEC affiliation in June 2012.

Amgen was a corporate member of ALEC’s Health and Human Services Task Force, which crafted legislation favorable to pharmaceutical companies and health insurers. Part of this task force’s goal during the 2010-2011 health care debate was to keep single-payer off the table, as well as prevent the establishment of a “public option” that would compete with private insurers.

As Amgen Assistant Secretary and General Council Andrea Robinson responded to an inquiry from socially responsible shareholders and investors: “After careful consideration, we have determined not to renew our membership in ALEC when our current membership expires this year.”

We applaud Amgen’s exit, and hope that more companies follow. As long as corporations can use ALEC to control our state governments, the voices of working families will continue to be overridden:

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